Magasin is a proud, bold and a sign-painter inspired font. Benjamin Gomez drew the uppercase, then asked me to shape the rest of it.

Sign painting is the art of painting lettering on buildings, billboards or signboards for the purpose of announcing or advertising products, services and events.
Sign painting is a learned craft with a long history. Historically artisans acquired the craft through apprenticeship, although many early sign painters were self-taught. An apprenticeship could last for years, depending on the skill of the apprentice and the knowledge of the master. The skills learned were varied, and some were complex. At the core of the training was proficiency in the manipulation of a lettering brush: this alone could take years to develop. A number of associated skills and techniques were also taught, such as gold leafing (surface and glass), carving (in various mediums), glue-glass chipping, stencilling, and silk-screening.
Magasin was used for the museography of the Osiris' exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe.